Engineering And Automation

Small_ Engineering & Automation 2In 2013 Crystal Engineering branched out and established a unique department dedicated to engineering and automation.  The goal of the group is to better serve our customers by providing creative and efficient solutions for their product development and manufacturing requests.  Armed with a team of skilled engineers, Crystal Engineering provides services to an array of industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to solar technology and medical fields.

Whether it is product design or manufacturing, our engineers can help you reach your goals.  We have extensive experience assisting companies with new product development, as well as streamlining existing processes with custom automated manufacturing equipment.  Let us take your product or process to the next level._Small 3d Printing

Our staff is capable of tackling both mechanical and electrical tasks including the integration of PLC based HMI control systems, servo motors, and sensor equipped pneumatics to bring any manual process into the age of automation.   Crystal Engineering has outfitted its automation group with cutting edge tooling and machinery to produce premium engineering solutions.  Concepts are worked out using the most updated modeling software available to the market in an effort to easily communicate ideas with our customers.  A full prototyping workshop including a CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, and SLA 3D Printing are dedicated to the department. Add this to the full array of Crystal Engineering’s in house CNC, Wire EDM, Tool & Die, and Welding/Fabrication shops and you see the Crystal Engineering advantage.  These kinds of capabilities under one roof ensure a quality product in a timely fashion.