Thank you for your interest in employment with Crystal Engineering. For additional information, or to apply for any of the following roles,Front-Door-4 send your resume to info@CrystalEngineering.com.

Job Description: Engineer

Position Description

Engineer, design and build machines and develop process automation solutions for customers and in-house use.

Primary Responsibilities

–        Project planning.

–        Design & engineering of machines & automation equipment.

–        Documentation of design (electrical schematics, pneumatic diagrams & mechanical drawings).

–        Development of maintenance & operation manuals.

–        Cleanliness & maintenance of work area.

–        Communication and interaction with customers to ensure their requirements are being satisfied.

–        Comply with quality management system requirements.

Primary Objectives

–        Documentation design & development process in accordance with AS9100C & internal process.

–        Ensuring machines & equipment perform to customer and internal requirements.

–        Operating machines safely and designing machines & equipment for safe operation.

Mandatory Qualifications

–        Proficient with Solidworks

–        Exposure to Pneumatics

–        Basic knowledge of electrical controls and simple circuits (i.e. relays, switches, timers)

–        Exposure to electric motors, including servo, stepper, DC and AC drives

–        Must be skilled in the use of hand tools as well as drills, band saws, grinders, etc.

–        Basic metalworking experience (manual milling and fabrication)

Education Required/Preferred

–        BS in Mechanical, Electrical or Electro-mechanical Engineering, Plus 3-years minimum experience.


–        5+ years applicable experience with automation, electrical or mechanical design.


Job Description: Maintenance Mechanic

Position Description

Motivated, hands on mechanic with a desire to grow their abilities in all disciplines. This position will not be limited to one line of work and will require you to take on responsibilities outside of your specialty. Must be able to work independently as well as collaborate effectively with engineers and staff.

Primary Responsibilities

–        Keep machines up and running.

–        Document maintenance of machines and report to departmental supervisors when daily maintenance is not being performed.

–        Maintenance of facilities.

–        Purchasing of replacement parts & supplies for preventive maintenance.

–        Outside contracting of advanced repairs & service.

–        Comply with quality management system requirements.

Primary Objectives

–        Ensuring proper maintenance and care of machines and infrastructure to minimize downtime.

–        Ensuring safety equipment is in place and fully functional. This applies both to machines and infrastructure.

–        Looking for ways to improve operation, durability and safety of production equipment.

Required Knowledge and Skills

–        Mechanical Maintenance & Repair

–        Industrial Electrical Maintenance & Repair

–        Scheduling and planning

–        Proficiency in Microsoft Word & Excel

–        Manual Machining

–        Welding & Fabrication

–        Reading drawings, prints & schematics

–        Good record keeping and organizational skills

CEC Specific Training Required

–        Lockout Tagout policy

–        Forklift safety

–        Maintenance schedule & logs

–        E2 Shop System

Education Required/Preferred

–        Vocational training in mechanics, electrical or machining (p)

Experience Required/Preferred

–        Industrial/mechanical background (r)

–        Electrical controls design and wiring (p)

–        Hydraulics (p)

–        Pneumatics (p)

–        Manual milling & fabrication (r)

–        CNC vertical machining and lathe (p)

–        PLC programming and debugging (p)

–        Facilities maintenance and leadership skills (p)

–        MIG Welding (r)

–        TIG Welding (p)

–        5+ years of maintenance experience in a manufacturing setting (r)


Job Description: Punch Press Operator

Position Description

Sets up and operates punch presses to make parts from various metals and inspects those parts against customer requirements and for cosmetic or functional defects.

Primary Responsibilities

–        Inspect presses for proper operation and report any problems encountered.

–        Pull material from inventory and load it onto uncoilers using forklifts and overhead crane.

–        Set up presses to run parts, ensuring setup is correct through inspection of sample parts.

–        Check other operators’ setups to ensure mistakes were not made.

–        Run press to produce parts in a very time sensitive setting.

–        Perform in-process inspections visually and using hand inspection tools quickly and accurately.

–        Ensure non-conforming parts are discovered quickly and relayed to appropriate authority for disposition before large quantities are produced.

–        Troubleshoot problems with presses, tooling and setups.

–        Keep detailed records of time, inspections, problems encountered, parts run, and material used.

–        Operate forklifts and pallet jacks to move parts, material and scrap.

–        Comply with quality management system requirements.

Primary Objectives

–        Make parts which meet customer requirements.

–        Ensure any non-conforming material is quickly detected and the proper authorities informed.

–        Ensure work area is clean and organized and any problems with equipment are reported.

–        Ensure separation is maintained between different parts and lots.

–        Safe operation of machines.

Required Knowledge and Skills

–        Forklift and overhead crane operation and safety

–        Good record keeping and organizational skills

–        Use of micrometers, calipers and other hand inspection tools

–        Press operation and safety

–        Basic math skills

CEC Specific Training Required

–        Coil inventory system

–        Press setup

–        First piece and in-process inspection

–        Control of non-conforming material

–        Part identification and lot segregation

–        Lockout Tagout policy

Experience Required/Preferred

–        Industrial Machine Operation, Particularly Stamping Presses (p)

–        Material Handling (p)

–        Inspection (p)